Chelsea (@chelsbabe854) - There are so many things I can say about this girl.  Too many things actually.  With that being said, I’ll keep this somewhat brief *Ahem*

I remember when I first met you.  I was I shy 8 year old (but you thought I was a teacher due to my height 😒)… Little did I know, those few moments of unique introduction would be the beginning of an unbreakable friendship

Fast forward to now… You’re still my closest friend.  Beyond that, you’re my sister.  You have been much more than a friend to Nick and I.  You’re the only one outside of my family I can share all of myself with.  You bring me laughter, you lift me up, and you never fail to remind me of how wonderful you are.  Your personality lights up my life and the lives of so many others, your beauty is a breath of fresh air in a world of superficiality, and your love is something that anyone is beyond blessed to say that they have (like… I would know 💁). You’ve turned our tears of sorrow into tears of joy - countless times - and my heart is filled with bliss whenever you are near

Now, I say all this just to demonstrate just a fraction of how deeply your love and companionship have positively affected my life and the lives of our family.  I say all this to remind you that you have become one of us.  You are not our friend, you are our blood.  I say this to let you know that our bond will never be taken for granted

Happy birthday Chelsea.  You’re worth a billion happy birthdays.  God has used you to be a blessing unto me and the family… I pray that he blesses you in a much mightier way. I love you, my sister (Guys, please show my dearest friend some birthday love by FOLLOWING her and wishing her happy birthday!!! @chelsbabe854 @chelsbabe854 @chelsbabe854)




Photographer: Thandiwe Muriu
Makeup Artist: Cultured Ego
Model: Anok Kuol

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic


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Abdel Queta Tavares, Lisbon
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Photographed by Luís Areias

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"Show your playful side once in a while".

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